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The LeaveLight Program
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The unique LeaveLight Program™ is the most effective tool available to motivate you to complete your advance planning so you can let your family know your choices.

LeaveLight Circles provide a supportive group setting that makes planning easy.

LeaveLight contains 40 forms that allow you to capture all the your vital details and wishes. The forms are included in the LeaveLight book and are also available in digital PDF forms that you can update, print out, and save to your computer.

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LeaveLight’s forms make it easy for your to record important information. They are available in the book and in downloadable digital PDF format that you can update and store on your computer.

Center-1 LeaveLight Project Schedule
Center-2 LeaveLight Gifts and Rewards
Center-3 Passwords, User IDs and Computer Accounts
Center-4 Core Care Circle List
Center-5 Outer Care Circle List
Air-1 Vital Details Documents and Storage Locations
Air-2 Missing Document Form
Air-3 Household Data
Air-4 Responsibilities for Aging Parents and Other
People Who Depend on Me
Air-5 Pet Care
Air-6 Membership and Volunteer Activities
Air-7 Military Service
Air-8 Life Review Questions
Air-9 Guardian Selection Form
Water-1 Health History
Water-2 Family Health History
Water-3 Health Care Provider List
Water-4 Health Care Agent Selection Form
Water-5 Organ Donation Form
Water-6 Financial Agent Selection Form
Earth-1 Bank and Brokerage Accounts
Earth-2 Marketable Securities
Earth-3 Business Interests
Earth-4 Real Estate
Earth-5 Personal Property
Earth-6 Vehicles
Earth-7 Insurance
Earth-8 Employment
Earth-9 Retirement Plans and Pensions
Earth-10 Government Benefits
Earth-11 Military Benefits
Earth-12 Tax Records
Earth-13 Safe Deposit Boxes
Earth-14 Wills and Trusts
Earth-15 Airline Frequent Flier Miles
Earth-16 Liabilities and Debts
Earth-17 Executor Selection Checklist
Fire-1 Notification List
Fire-2 Preferences for Your Final Ritual


LeaveLight forms by GingerAle Press make it easy for you to enter and change information on your computer.

A complete set of LeaveLight forms – only $15.


What They Are Saying
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"LeaveLight fills an important need, both in a practical sense and in a deeply emotional sense. This may be one of the few books that you ever buy that actually changes your life and the lives of your loved ones."
— Dale Borglum

Living/Dying Project

“This book speaks to the heart. Its uplifting message will show you how to overcome your fear and procrastination to finally finish your end-of-life planning.”
-Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.,
Founder, Center for Attitudinal Healing

"The way each LeaveLight chapter is structured gives a sense of ease and flow and motivates me to want to complete this work."
— Laura Corral, PhD

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by Marilyn L. Geary, Jacqueline Janssen

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